Fundacja Rozwoju i Innowacji WIR undertakes activities that are a bridge for people of all ages entering or returning to the labor market. The overriding objectives are to support educational, professional and personal development, professional activation, promotion of internationality and multiculturalism, active cooperation with workplaces. As part of the Foundation’s activities, innovative tools and models are developed in the field of vocational education, career counseling and job placement.

The Foundation’s activities include:


  • professional activation of young people,
  • career counselling and job placement,
  • promoting the idea of work – life balance and well-being in the workplace and personal,
  • equalisation and eliminate barriers among the society,
  • raising environmental awareness and promoting sustainable development,
  • cooperation with labour market institutions at the domestic and foreign level as part of consultations and implementation of cooperation models,
  • organization of vocational training.

The Foundation strives to:


  • the development of civil society,
  • counteracting social exclusion, including digital exclusion,
  • development of lifelong learning,
  • development of innovative activities, promotion and support of innovative projects,
  • conducting activities for the development of entrepreneurship,
  • supporting activities in the field of professional activation and counteracting unemployment.


Fundacja Rozwoju i Innowacji WIR is :

  • Training Institution – Entry in the Register of Training Institutions: 2.14/00222/2018,
  • Employment Agency – National Register of Employment Agencies number: 22441,
  • AUTODESK Certiport Technical Support No. 90076043