LEADext – Leader of external cooperation of a vocational school 

LEADext is an international project co-funded by the European Union.

Main objective:

  1. Increasing the competencies of the VET education staff in the field of cooperation with the industry, including acquiring sponsors of school laboratories

Intermediate objectives:

  1. Improving the image of VET by selecting the leader of cooperation with the industry in a vocational school
  2. Improving competencies of trainees’ digital through e-learning platform and promoting the digital development of school staff
  3. Enabling course participants to remotely confirm acquired competences (validation and certification).

Main results:

  1. Profile of professional competence within the scope of “coordination of cooperation between an educational institution and external companies, including acquisition of sponsors”
  2. Modular training program within the scope of a new competence in relation to the ECVET requirements
  3. Set of educational packages for a trainer and a trainee within the scope of a new
  4. E-learning training within the scope of a new competence
  5. Test bank to diagnose the trainee’s level of competence and individualisation of learning process
  6. Procedures for validation and environmental certification of a new competence

All results will be produced in 5 languages: Polish, Greek, Danish, Spanish, English.

Consortium of the project:


02.2022 – 01.2025